Our Story

NutSac was named because the founders were told they were "nuts" to manufacture in America and compete against cheap, outsourced products. Instead of running away from an American-sewn product, we doubled-down and trusted customers would value our commitment to fair business practices and making an exceptional product.

Well the jokes on them because we love Sewing in America! We love the natural sense of camaraderie, brotherhood, and support you only get when you work side by side with your fellow countrymen. When you sew in America you enter into a fellowship of businesses and customers who depend on one another for our mutual benefit. Americans working together, it’s a beautiful thing.

(Note: We’ve heard that some unscrupulous people make rude double-entendres on our name, but of course we disavow all such behavior.)

We also make premium, American-sewn gear for dudes. Check out our bags at NutSac.com and our men's clothing at AmericanLint.com.


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